Calgary, AB

Group Leader:  Jan Williams


Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at Confederation Park Seniors Centre, 2212 13th Street NW at 1:00 pm.   

Confirmation of the room and dates are emailed to each group member before a meeting.  If you would like your name/email added to the list, please contact Jan at   There is no fee to join any CaTNA Support Group.

News and Meeting Notes:

September 19, 2017:  Great news: several people volunteered to "join the team" to help keep our group active. A special thanks to everyone who has volunteered.  We are still looking for some help. We would like to have one person PLUS a back-up person for each position Contact Jan if you are willing to help.  Here is our list of people so far:

    • Group Leader: Jan (Temporary) and ?
    • Finances: Bev and Mary
    • Phone contacts: Phoebe and Merv
    • Library: Olive and ?
    • International TN Awareness Day activities: Joan and ?
    • Computer/database: Jan and Gloria
    • Special Events: Jennifer and ?
    • Marketing and Promotion: Francis and ?
    • Helper for odds and ends: Diane

    Phone Reminders:   At the meeting it was decided that only those people without email addresses would receive a reminder phone call prior to the meetings. Please remember to let us know if you change email addresses or contact information.